Elm Street: A Photo Essay

Elm Street Manchester, NH

Elm Street Manchester, NH

This photo essay is the result of a project undertaken as part of an e-workshop entitled Finding Your Photographic Voice taught by Otto von Münchow of Blue Hour Photo Workshops. My intent was to make photographs along Elm Street (the main street) in downtown Manchester, NH USA to try to convey a sense of place. There were a number of directions in which I could have gone with this, but after being employed as an outreach worker in this community for several years more than a decade ago, it was the people that came through most prominently in most of the photos.

The title shot and following nine photographs comprise the final photo essay

The remaining photos did not make the final photo essay, but are ones that I still liked very much and thought they deserved to be shown on this page.

20 thoughts on “Elm Street: A Photo Essay

  1. milfordstreet Post author

    Thank you – He’s a neat guy and we chatted often while I did this project. I have a matted print in my car for him. He is the owner of Nawlins in Manchester.

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  4. 3C Style

    You took an e-workshop taught by Otto! This is so cool. I like his work, too. You did a great job with your photo essay Chris. The theme of your project is clever. I find that people and architecture are the best ways to talk about a place. It helps to tell a story. Difficult to choose my favorite photo among your pics, but Bill’s Used Record Shop, the Three Riders and Chillin’ at Castros have a Je ne sais quoi that got me looking at them for a while. There is a lot going on in these pictures… They are like short stories of the people. Love it. The lavender theme in Family Stroll got me smiling. Beautiful post.

    1. milfordstreet Post author

      Thank you. The course was challenging and the project was a lot of work, but I was pleased with the results in terms of the photos and what I learned. Thank you for your thoughtful comments. I’m happy you enjoyed the images. Cheers!


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