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Granary Burying Ground

It seems a bit odd to have a burial ground dating back to 1660 in the middle of downtown Boston and even odder to have it be a tourist attraction, but that describes Granary Burying Ground. The picturesque, old style tombstones and the fact that many notable people from U.S. history are buried here make it a stop for many visitors to Boston. And, it looks lovely on a fall day.

Evolution of a Sunrise

Evolution of a Sunrise 1

Going out for a sunrise shoot is pretty much summed up by Forrest Gump’s saying “Life is like a box of chocolates; you never know what you’re gonna get.”

When I went to shoot this sunrise along the Massachusetts coast in September, it was hard to tell if it would be great or too cloudy. You can see over the four shots that the sun slowly peeked out from the space in the clouds. Just gorgeous. Definitely worth being the first one out of bed that day. Cheers!

Evolution of a Sunrise 2

Evolution of a Sunrise 3

Evolution of a Sunrise 4

Your Carriage Awaits

Waiting Carriage

This was the last image that I made in Montreal and the last in this series of images from there. Three weeks of posts from a four-day trip is pretty good. While I’d love to return, I may wait until spring. But in the meantime, I’ve been working on images from the coast, the woods and Boston.

Thank you Montreal!

Monochrome Monday: Industrial Montreal

Besides being a modern, cosmopolitan city, Montreal also has industry and a busy shipping port. As we road our bicycles around the area, we passed many of these sites. Here are two rendered in both BW and in color (because the colors were as wonderful as the form).

Rue St. Paul – Saturday Night

A bit of a grainy set as there was too much close action for the tripod to be of much help. Still a good sense of a fun Saturday might out.