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This site is dedicated to developing my skills as a photographer, sharing my images and participating in a creative community. In the last year, I’ve taken my interest in photography to a new level, taking classes in a number of venues and supplementing them with seminars and photo tours. I appreciate feedback on my photographs and enjoy seeing what others are creating.

Rhododendron State Park

Last week was our first visit to Rhododendron State Park. Its claim to fame are tons of the namesake flowers on plants that grow up the side and over the top of the trail. The trails are very accessible and relatively short. There is a side trail off the property that supposedly gives a great view of Mt Monadnock. We started up the trail but it was rather steep and we lacked water on a hot day. That will be a fun fall hike.


This rabbit has been a regular visitor to our yard. This has driven our foster dogs a bit crazy. They are always on a leash and can’t catch him or her. It doesn’t mean they don’t try. I. Surprised the rabbit hasn’t moved on but it obviously feels safe enough here.

Flew the Nest

I made this image Tuesday afternoon. The quintet (three of which are seen here) looked ready to fly but stayed in their nest. They were there when I walked our latest foster dog on Wednesday morning. After breakfast, they were gone. We haven’t seen them since. Their parents have then they had been a constant presence since late April. The yard seems different without them.