This rabbit has been a regular visitor to our yard. This has driven our foster dogs a bit crazy. They are always on a leash and can’t catch him or her. It doesn’t mean they don’t try. I. Surprised the rabbit hasn’t moved on but it obviously feels safe enough here.

19 thoughts on “Rabbit

  1. Les

    We have most of the same thing here in our yard. They hop around eating the clover & what-ever else will interest them. They are regular visitors and don’t pay much attention to me being around. They must be used to a human presence and know that nothing will happen.

  2. Garfield Hug

    Maybe the rabbit enjoys the attention of your foster dogs! LOL! – Barking is like an accolade of sorts for him/her! A standing ovation if you will and so Rabbit returns for encores! 🙂 Lovely photo of the rabbit.


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