Our Babies

When I returned from Germany, I noticed a bird was building a nest next to the top of our porch door. We’d had bird build nests in the rafters of our barn but those were always high and out of reach.

A friend told us these were Eastern Phoebes. A male and female bird visited the nest throughout the day.

We bought a miniature Bluetooth video camera to peer inside the nest. There were five tiny eggs. Over the next few weeks, we checked the nest a couple of times a week. There continued to be five eggs.

Then two weeks ago, the eggs were gone. The focal length of the camera made it difficult to get a good image. Also, the chicks tended to blend in with the nest. But we could see movement. Then last week, little heads began to show. We’ve counted five chicks. These are some of the best images I have thus far.

16 thoughts on “Our Babies

  1. ecaleopi

    Sa le urmaresti, in continuare! Ele se vor intoarce, in fiecare an! Doar daca nu li se va distruge casuta, din cine stie ce motive. Am avut, la fel, dar casuta s a distrus si acum incearca sa o reconstruiasca, in acelasi loc!


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