18 thoughts on “Lake Potanipo Lighthouse

  1. neihtn2012

    You have nailed this one with two amazing shots of this little lighthouse covered with snow! Either one would make for a lovely canvas print to be hanged on a wall.

  2. Suzette Benjamin

    Its interesting how the first photo seems larger…grander than the second photo of the same object. What a fine lesson in perspective.
    Thank you for the food for thought, Chris. Lovely sharing.

  3. photobyjohnbo

    Beautiful lighthouse. Alas, yet another beautiful piece of architecture replaced by modern technology. So many are falling into disrepair because of lack of funding to keep them open even as a historic artifact.

      1. photobyjohnbo

        That’s good to hear. We visited a lighthouse in a state park on the California coast last fall. It is in such a state of disrepair and a private group is trying to raise the funds to maintain it enough to just keep it from falling down. Sad.

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