This portrait of Happi was made between Christmas and New Years.

Unfortunately, due to probable underlying medical issues, Happi developed some mood and behavioral problems. It was with a heavy heart that we decided to return him to the shelter. We hope the information from his stay with us will aid the shelter in obtaining the proper care for him and placing him in a good home.

25 thoughts on “Happi

  1. Nancy

    I’m so sorry things did not work out… but you all did your best. And we thank you for your kindness.
    Sending hugs and prayers for Happi!

  2. Ann Coleman

    I’m so sorry….we had a similar situation a few years ago, and I know how hard that decision is. But the truth is, not all dogs are a good fit for all homes. It’s a matter of finding the right dog for your particular family, and when you do that, everyone is happy. I hope that you find just the right dog!


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