Meet Gucci

There is a reason I haven’t been taking as many photographs lately. My wife and I are volunteers with our local animal shelter. We are a home for foster dogs. This is Gucci our first dog.

She came to us mid-September. She’s eight years old and arrived at the shelter after her owner passed away. She’d been there five month before coming here. They placed her with us because she was getting stressed living at the shelter. We have no other pets which was a perfect fit for Gucci.

We kept her close to home the first week and then gradually began taking more walks. She loved going to a local summer camp on a lake near our home. It’s amazing how quickly we established routines that included three walks a day and lots of play time. Hence the reason for fewer photos.

Gucci was adopted on Thursday. She now has a forever home. I thought it would be sad and it was. But if you could have seen the look on her new owners face when we met up at the shelter for the adoption. This big guy with a bushy beard was like a little kid. Gucci happily got in the car with him. A fried said that she though Gucci liked it at our house. She did, but she likes it whereever she is loved.

And yes, we are waiting for our next new friend.

36 thoughts on “Meet Gucci

  1. lois

    ‘but she likes it whereever she is loved.’–Chris, that is the sweetest statement. And so true. I’m sure Gucci loved it at your house. Three walks a day and a lake to boot–she knew she had a good thing. Excited about your next foster.

  2. suzannesmom

    You are doing a great service. Now I’m wondering if a dog whose owner died, assuming it was a kind owner, is the kind of rescue dog to get. One would not have to know how to manage the effects of a dog’s past trauma.

    1. milfordstreet Post author

      Of the dozen-ish dogs I’ve seen listed on the animal shelter’s website these past months, only one has a definitive trauma history. People give up their dogs for all kinds of reasons.

  3. photobyjohnbo

    Thank you for taking the time to work with the most loyal of our animal friends. After we lost our last long-term friend, the parting was so sorrowful, we couldn’t bear to do that again.

  4. Sarah

    It is a good and important work the two of you offering shelter for these dogs while they wait for their forever homes. And who knows, maybe some day you will keep one of them for yourself??


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