The Autopsy Theater

New York City Aug 28-30, 2021 Photographs by Christopher OKeefe

Like many hospitals of the time, the hospital on Ellis Island had an autopsy theater for students to learn about anatomy and disease. Most of the fixtures had been removed from the room, but the doors on the former refrigerator remained intact.

16 thoughts on “The Autopsy Theater

  1. China Dream

    When I first started to work at the psych hospital .. way back errr. when… my office was down from the morgue … it had been closed for some time, we used it for storage.. I can relate… have a great day!!!

    1. milfordstreet Post author

      That sounds eerily cool. I had an office in a former 1800s psych hospital that had been converted into state offices. There must have ben a mogue somewhere but I don’t know. I found my way once into the old cell block for the forensic prisoners.

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  3. Kathy Simmons

    Haunting Image indeed. I visited Ellis Island years back while working in NYC and alike this image found the in person experience sad and gray. Though in retrospect, I am sure the arriving immigrants nonetheless held hope in their hearts for a new life.


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