The Burlinton Bike Trail

The Burlington Bike Trail in Burlington Vermont is a unique and fun ride. We started in downtown Burlington and rode north. The former railbed was built on a causeway in Lake Champlain that stretches to the Champlain Islands. There is a gap in the causeway to allow for boats to pass through it. While I assume there was once a drawbridge here; it is long gone. During the summer, a local nonprofit cycling group operates a ferry to bring you across the gap. Once you reach the islands there are some options for places to visit including restaurants, orchards, and a wintery. We filled up on fresh apple cider donuts.

The ride was long, I think 27 miles, with some wind. We rented e-bikes from the same nonprofit that operated the ferry. These were pedal assist bikes, which meant we had to pedal and they would help us. It was our first time trying them and we really enjoyed the experience.

21 thoughts on “The Burlinton Bike Trail

  1. picpholio

    It must have been a great ride, I love cycling to. We have a lot of old train bedding that are transformed into bycicle paths. Most of the bikers here in EU have e-bikes now, they are very popular. Me myself is still drive on muscle power πŸ™‚
    Thanks for the nice pictures and have a lovely sunday.

    1. milfordstreet Post author

      Thank you for the nice comment. We love riding old rail beds, especially when they’ve been paved. I don’t plan on buying an ebike but they are fun for the occasional excursion.


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