Escarpment Gallery

My niece and I took the ferry out to George’s Island to explore Fort Warren. Our tour guide was a young and seemingly adventurous man who led us to places I’d not been on previous tours. Before leaving us, he pointed to a set of stairs tucked into a corner of the fort. He said that if we went up the stairs and climbed through the window, we’d find the escarpment galley. We did as he suggested. Getting in the window was no easy feat. We were rewarded with this view. The escarpment gallery is inside the outer wall of the fort and allows defenders to shoot those attacking from the outside. The shafts of light were made by holes used to fire from.

I will not be posting the rest of the weekend. I have a special project I hope to be able to share with you soon.

21 thoughts on “Escarpment Gallery

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    1. milfordstreet Post author

      You know, I really didn’t inspect it that closely. The fort has issues. Parts of it that were constructed later from concrete are now closed off. Fortunately the older granite holds up better.


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