Boston’s Best Sights – An ESL Friendly Guide

Do you know this guy?

Summer school begins on Tuesday. I’m teaching at two schools. The teacher choses the curriculum for the summer. I decided to structure part of my lessons around popular tourist sights in Boston.

The first task is to teach the students the six sights we will study as part of our summer class. I sourced some online photos and made a PowerPoint presentation. And it was dreadfully dry.

How I envisioned my students reacting to the PowerPoint.

Then I had an idea. My niece loves putting on shows and making videos. She’s taken summer courses on making videos. We’d already planned a day in Boston together and would be near five of the six sights. What if we made a video?

Come on kids – Let’s put on a show!

She was game. We made videos in several locations around the city using our iPhones. The biggest challenge was that the iPhone’s microphone pics up every noise, not just my voice. We quickly realized that me talking on camera wouldn’t work. Instead, we shot video at the different locations (or borrowed it from YouTube). When I later edited it together, I added narration. All of that was done on my iPad using iMovie.

You can find the final result here.

25 thoughts on “Boston’s Best Sights – An ESL Friendly Guide

  1. Liz Gauffreau

    The video is so cool! Your students will love it! I had to laugh at the post because you reference two of my catch phrases at work: “Let’s put on a show!” and “Death. by. PowerPoint.” Happy teaching, and kudos to you able production assistant!

  2. sloppy buddhist

    Fun and that’s a great connection…you’re a natural Chris…I’ve never done a YouTube video kudos to you! Enjoy the start of summer classes…lucky students who learn with you 🤓☺️💫 sending you joy ~ hedy 🌞

  3. Sarah

    Oh, Chris! Your video is fabulous!!! I love it! So fun to see you and your niece – very cool riding her bike;) – and your voice is great for this, I could imagine you narrating a whole documentary series. I can’t wait to visit Boston one day – we definitely have to through some tea boxes into the ocean. 😉
    I’m sure your video will be a huge success with your summer school students!


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