2021 Hampton Beach Sand Sculpture Contest

After a year off due to COVID, the Hampton Beach Sand Sculpture Competition was back.

We spent an idyllic day at the beach looking at the sculptures and enjoying the cool breezes.

Each artist has three – eight hour days to complete their work.

24 thoughts on “2021 Hampton Beach Sand Sculpture Contest

  1. GP

    We have beach contests every year and each time the artistry amazes me! I can’t believe they can create such works of art, only to have them destroyed.

    1. milfordstreet Post author

      Thank you, Dymoon. It’s all gravity and water. They use a sand whose grains are the right shape. Then theycompress it in blocks using forms. Then, they can carve it.

  2. picpholio

    Magnificant ! Every time I see it, I wonder how the artists manage to create these statues.
    We had also different sand sculpture festivals here in Belgium over the past years.

  3. Kirt D Tisdale

    How awesome these sculptures are!! I appreciate you sharing this….takes me back a number of years ago when we were raising our girls in San Diego. They have the same thing and every year we’d make a point of going and looking at all of the sculptures!! Great captures….thanks for posting this!!

  4. Sarah

    I love your Beach Sand Sculpting Festival – so many beautiful pieces of art! They’re currently building the highest sandcastle here in Europe, in Denmark I think. It’s over 20 meters high!


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