Variations on Motif No. 1

The so called Motif Number 1 (see bottom image) is a classic that has been captured in many photographs, paintings, and other mediums. The top two shots are different angles on the same setting.

If you go back to yesterday’s post about the man fixing lobster traps, you’ll also see Motif Number 1 in the background. Sometimes, we need a different perspective.

The famous Motif Number 1

19 thoughts on “Variations on Motif No. 1

  1. photobyjohnbo

    I love these images. Since my young days, I’ve enjoyed the sights, sounds, and even the aroma surrounding working areas along the shores of our lakes and oceans. Throw in a working boat or two and maybe a seaman and a photo op is guaranteed. Nice job.

  2. Lookoom

    These different angles also form the pieces of the big picture puzzle, what would lobster traps be without the boats and sheds to process them


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