On the Pier

My wife and I ordered lunch at the takeout window then went around back to to find a table. She sat down. I wandered further down the fish pier. Rounding the corner, I found this man repairing lobster traps. Where the cage had separated, he installed a metal band to tie it back together. We said hello.

“Do they require a lot of maintenance,” I asked.

“These are wrecks,” he said. The younger guys don’t even bother to repair them anymore. They just throw them away. But at $130 a trap, I’d rather repair ’em and get more use out of them.”

25 thoughts on “On the Pier

  1. lois

    I agree with all the other comments–such a great photo, Chris. Wow…$130 a trap. I had no idea. The frugal gal in me would also repair them.

  2. inspirechief

    Great photo. There are a lot of colors in this scene. It seems like a simple and inexpensive fix. I glad he is not just discarding the broken ones regardless of the cost of a new trap.

    1. milfordstreet Post author

      Yes, I agree. I remember a couple of years back, the handle on one or our lawn mowers rotted out. I went to the dump and salvaged one to replace it rather than but a new mower.


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