Lost and Found

Lost and Found sign at the Airport.

In a recent post, I announced I’m writing a book about my two months teaching in El Salvador. I was tempted to say “Trying to write” but I’m working on cutting down my qualifiers and hedging.  Think positive thoughts, right?

I said I’d finished the first draft.  I turned journal entries, pictures, and research into a cohesive narrative.  It is book-length, just shy of 100,000 words. It needs to be shortened.  I’d like to lose 15,000 words.  I’ve heard it’s better to have too much material.  It allows you to make your writing more concise.  It’s not so good to be short on material. 

I thought I had found all my journal entries.  I wrote most notes on my phone between classes at school.  I used the Notes app on my iPhone.  Then I emailed them to myself and put them in a Word document.  Each day was a separate document.  When I opened the file with my journal entries, there was one for each day.

Well, almost.  I knew I’d missed a few days.  I found a few journal entries in Notes that I’d never converted  to a Word document.  I included those in the draft.  There were still a few days missing.  I did my best to recreate them or left them out of the story.  At a hundred thousand words, does anyone really want to read more?  When the first draft was finished, I’d worked around the missing days. 

Then this week, I used the Voice Memo app on my phone.  I hardly ever use it.  I scrolled through the old files and found two recordings marked with dates I’d been in El Salvador.  I listened to just the beginning of each.  They were journal entries I’d made by dictating them rather than writing them.  I believe I did it because I was pressed for time.  Then I forgot about them.  It was almost five years ago.

I still haven’t listened to them.  I put that off until I reach those parts of the story as I continue to work on the second draft.  Maybe, there is some bit of gold that has to be in the story.  And maybe not. 

17 thoughts on “Lost and Found

  1. DeniseBalog

    Thanks for your sharing Mitch. Today I decided to go back where I left off on turning a manuscript into Kindle. Pulling out notes, passwords and flashdrive to begin again. Reading you are doing the same with your 5 year old project encourages me to press forward with mine. Your daily post are always fresh and timely. Thank you 😊

  2. China Dream

    good morning… reading your musing, I thought.. wow, he’s really dedicated.. There are some of your posts that I still remember today, because when you were there, writing ad sharing with us, you always were so present and the wonder and “awe’ that was there with some of the experiences was passed on.to us. You’ve experienced so much more of life since your return, the you back then is not the you who is trying to recapture what was. Are you going to use some of your pictures too?
    lost and found- good heading.. happy editing. waves a “very positive energy vibe” in your direction.- remember each day is a new canvas..xxxo


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