The Reveal

In recent months, I haven’t been as active on WP. I’ve posted on only on weekends.  Sometimes not even then.  A few people asked if everything was okay.  Sometimes, I alluded to being engaged in other creative projects.  I was vague on the details.  This is the reveal.

Two weeks ago, I finished the first draft of a memoir about the summer I taught in El Salvador.  I kept a journal while there.  My intention was to try to write a book.  I made several false starts.  Then last November, I committed to writing a page a day for thirty days.  After the month was over, I couldn’t stop. 

Converting my notes and pictures into a full-length text wasn’t easy.  I’m now working on a second draft.  Someone said that the purpose of a second draft is to make it look like you knew what you were doing when you wrote your first draft.  There is a lot of truth to that.  I’m crafting the this draft into something that someone would want to read.  It is a slow and tedious process.  I just show up each day and try to push the project along a bit more.  I also have a lot to learn about the publishing world. 

The working title is A Different Latitude.  It’s a play on the name of the blog I published while in El Salvador.  I plan to resurrect that blog.  Updates on the progress of the book will be posted both here and there. 

41 thoughts on “The Reveal

  1. Garfield Hug

    Aaah….This explains your silence a bit. All the best on your journal publication and hope you will share with us. I remember those days you were in El Salvador teaching – it was when I first came across your blog site and really enjoy following you. Take care and may your wordsmithing deliver a worthy read.

  2. Lookoom

    I had noticed that there were fewer publications, but everyone has their reasons. Preparing a book does indeed require a certain amount of concentration and time. Just a little more time. Good luck!

  3. Ashley

    You’ve given yourself a real task but one full of promise. Please keep us all posted. I look forward to following your blog and perhaps one day to holding a copy of your book in my hands and enjoying a Different Latitude (mine is 54oN 🤣). Ashley 🙋‍♂️

      1. Ashley

        Good luck, Chris! Publishing might be a challenge unless you know someone in the business! For myself, I also want to illustrate some of my verses! I’ve struggled with that element for a few years now but I might have found a route. I love the proposed title of your book, it’s close to my own blog title! I might drop you an email (robash390) if you’re okay with that? Check your “junk” box.

  4. China Dream

    hmmm that is a challenge, what a wonderful idea, enjoyed your posts during your “journey” I wonder how it will be .. on recollection.. “don’t loose the loving feeling”

  5. sloppy buddhist

    such wonderful news 🤓 and so nice to have a project and writing all good! looking forward to read and see more Chris ~ I’m happy for you congratulations 🌷☺️💫

  6. Sohair

    Great.. Best wishes Chris.. I remember those days of Elselvador.. The students there were feeling lucky and happy to have you as their teacher.. It will be a great book God willing.. Keep giving Chris.


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