Happy Easter

This image was made yesterday. The photo shoot was planned for last November, but Massachusetts enacted measures restricting people from New Hampshire from visiting without a negative COVID test or a 14-day quarantine. So, it was on the back burner. The order was rescinded two weeks ago.

This cross is on a hill in East Boston overlooking the road leading to the airport. It had been there for decades and was a local landmark but fell into disrepair. In 2013, a local resident, John Zirpolo, contacted the city and offered to fix it up. He replaced ninety light fixtures, rewired it, and installed new bulbs. He also got the local electric utility to donate energy-efficient bulbs to lower the cost of operating the light. It’s a good day when individuals work with local officials to make the community a better place.

27 thoughts on “Happy Easter

  1. photobyjohnbo

    Happy Easter! Great composition with the city in the background.
    Those low-energy bulbs could probably be replaced today by the ultra-low energy LED variety for a relatively minimal sum.

  2. Nancy

    How wonderful that this man and the city worked together! We need more of that.
    Hope your Easter was wonderful! Enjoy your day Chris.


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