Beaver Brook Falls

This waterfall is by the roadside in Colebrook, NH. I’d seen it last fall when we had a drought, and it was not very impressive. I decided to return last weekend hoping it would still be frozen. This part of the state is so far north that it was still winter with a foot or more of snow in places and snowmobiles running on trails.

For a better view, this short video shows the water rushing over the frozen waterfall.

17 thoughts on “Beaver Brook Falls

      1. Liz Gauffreau

        The falls are splendid in the summer. My husband and I climb up to the top when we go now. (My parents didn’t let my brother and me climb to the top, too risky!)

  1. China Dream

    LOL I love your “it is so far north” yes, places are more to the north – here, all that snow is melting and causing big puddle/ponds in people’s yards, hopefully the thaw will be gentle and not thaw too quickly, would prefer the snow to evaporate.. I don’t see foot prints, so you behaved and didn’t try to climb the falls =^_^=


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