North Branch of the Mohawk River

Last weekend, I went up north, not far from the Canadian border where it was still very wintery.

The good news is that Massachusetts is lifting it’s travel ban on Monday, so I have more options for photo locations in the near future and can actually go visit my family again without a COVID test.

18 thoughts on “North Branch of the Mohawk River

  1. China Dream

    wow I had no idea that there was no interstate travel… yes. good news you will get to visit your parents.. and wander further. be safe.. take care… great pictures.. although I confess I’m ready for more signs of spring. we are being told.. week-end will be fabulous!

    1. milfordstreet Post author

      Some states set up bans unless you test or quarantine. I haven’t seen my relatives since October. I have more snowy pics to come and can hopefully start getting some spring pics

  2. suzannesmom

    I can relate. It has been hard for us to plan family gatherings, even outdoors, with our son’s family in MA and our daughter’s in RI. Rhode Island dropped the quarantine rules first.


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