Monthly Archives: March 2021

Weeks State Park

The former home of Congressman, Senator, and Secretary of War John Wingate Weeks is now a state park north of the White Mountains. Though he was from Massachusetts, He built his summer home on the summit of Prospect Mountain.

From May to October, you can drive to the summit but on this fine later winter’s day, I hiked there.

Everyone love the stone firetower at the summit near the home and carriage house. In the summer (during non-COVID times), there are tours of the home.

Beaver Brook Falls

This waterfall is by the roadside in Colebrook, NH. I’d seen it last fall when we had a drought, and it was not very impressive. I decided to return last weekend hoping it would still be frozen. This part of the state is so far north that it was still winter with a foot or more of snow in places and snowmobiles running on trails.

For a better view, this short video shows the water rushing over the frozen waterfall.

The Albany Bridge in Winter

Some of you may recall the Albany Bridge from my series on covered bridges last year. It was the one that was fastened by metal rods to bedrock on the river banks to keep it from being washed away by spring floods.

The road on which the bridge is situated is part of the National Forest and is not maintained in winter. Fortunately, the parking lot is plowed and accessible. That means the bridge and the road beyond it is perfect for cross country skiers and others.

I’d like to return in the spring to see that the river looks like and how high it rises.

This is one of the rods holding the bridge in place.