Monthly Archives: February 2021

Alton Bay Ice Runway

Once the ice is thick enough in Alton Boy on Lake Winnipesaukee, they plow a runway for small private planes to land. I went up on Sunday of last weekend. With good weather, there were landings every few minutes. Alton Bay is surrounded by local restaurants. The pilots fly in, have a good meal, socialize, and then fly back home. It’s something to see.

Annual Ice Fishing Derby

Last Sunday was our town’s annual ice fishing derby. I took a walk around the ice to take some pictures and talk to people. While i was there the fish weren’t biting. I hope their luck changed.

Bradford Mineral Spring House

Yesterday morning, I drove up to Muster Field Farm in North Sutton, NH. It is a historic farm that operates as a farm in summer and also serves as a museum. It was just pristine yesterday with nobody around except me and the warm sun. The sign said this was the Bradford Mineral Spring House but I have no idea what the purpose was.