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After a photoshoot at the coast between Christmas and New Year’s, I stopped and bought a coffee and breakfast burrito at a cafe. I decided to drive down to the beach to eat it. Sitting in my car, I watched the surf hit the beach. There was a strong off-shore wind. Every time the waves broke, the wind blew the spray up into the light. When breakfast was over, I ventured out to make these images.

Battery Seamen at Fort Dearborn

This is one of two gun emplacments.

A few weeks ago, I showed remnants of a World War II-era bunker on the coast of New Hampshire. People seemed to have some real interest in it. A little research showed more extensive fortifications nearby. I took a drive there during the Christmas break for a sunrise shoot.

This is the second emplacement.

This set of two connected gun emplacements was in the woods. Several paths led to the clearing. The concrete was covered with dirt to make it look like a hill. At the top was a blockhouse that may have served as a room from which to direct the firing of the guns.

Possible fire control blockhouse over the gun emplacements.
The view from inside the blockhouse.
Back in the day.

More information about the history of Fort Dearborn can be found here.