The First Big Snow

We had our first sizeable snow this week – 14 inches. I stayed close to home and made both of these shots from our yard. The “barn” is actually a garage built in the 1940s to house a pair of school buses.

This old wheelbarrow rests against a pile of firewood.

50 thoughts on “The First Big Snow

  1. Suzette Benjamin

    Lovely photos, oh Wow❄
    I enjoy the snow. At this time of lends to everything, a quiet mystical ambience. Like living in a Norman Rockwell winter scene…only with driving challenges😊🎿

  2. suzannesmom

    Oh, a red barn in white snow! Perfect. (By the way, i’m starting to add items to the covered-bridge calendar. So nice to have, much better than my usual plain calendars!)

  3. niasunset

    WOW! I have seen a big snow many years ago in here. And then, never we had. Beautiful photographs, I love to watch snow but not being outside… Thank you, stay in warm and safe too. Love, nia


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