Monthly Archives: December 2020

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to all my friends here on WordPress. It’s different this year. We will talk with family on the phone rather than see them in person, and gifts were sent via the postal service. But we put up a tree and still plan to have a traditional meal. We are hopeful we can celebrate together as a family next year.

This is an antique well drilling truck that was decorated with lights and an inflatable Santa for Christmas.

Memorial Bridge Silhouette

Memorial Bridge connecting Portsmouth, NH and Kittery, ME

When I go out to take pictures, I usually have a plan. It always goes better, and I get better pictures if I have a plan. Last Sunday, my plan was to arrive at a location I found on a map along the river in Kittery, ME to take a silhouette picture of Memorial Bridge. The weather looked clear. I had a rough idea of when I needed to arrive. It probably would have been better if I’d arrived slightly earlier. The location itself is a bit of a chance. I’d found a restaurant that on the Google Maps satellite image looked like the parking lot had an unobstructed view, but there were no promises.

When I arrived the parking lot did offer a view of the bridge, but there was a lot of clutter in the way. I made my way across a boat yard to a private dock at what looked like condos or a resort. If it had been summer, someone might have noticed, but not in late November. I found this view with the only other object being a lobster boat which in my mind added to the image.

This was the primary location of this outting, but I like to have secondary and tertiary locations in mind. I don’t want to get up at 4:30 and drive seventy-five minutes for a single exposure. My secondary location was Peirce Island. You saw some photos from there last week. The other location was Odiorne Pointe. I’d shot there before at this time of the year but this time wanted to return and take pictures of the bunker hidden in the woods.

Sometimes it all comes together as it did this day. I got a dozen images that I could use for posts. Other times, I’ve come away with no images or just a single image. I don’t mind a single image if it’s a good one.