Rainbow Swash

I made this image of the Rainbow Swash on a Boston LNG tank last weekend. Designed by Corita Kent in 1971, The Rainbow Swash painted on an LNG tank in Boston’s Dorchester section is reportedly the largest copyrighted work of art in the world.

28 thoughts on “Rainbow Swash

    1. milfordstreet Post author

      Great question – Yes, in fact, there used to be two gas tanks and the painting was originally on the otehr one. When they took the other tank down, they simply painted this one to have the well-recognized design.

  1. Garfield Hug

    I just googled it and wikipedia describes the controversy behind this Rainbow Swash artwork although Ms Kent denies it. It seems she was a peace protester against the Vietnam war back then. Your photo is lots better than the one featured in Wiki👍😃

  2. Lookoom

    Fairly simple concept, coloured stripes, but strong visual effect. In the same way that bright primary colours are used in children’s toys to attract their attention.


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