Snow on Maple Leaves

We had our first snow over two weeks ago. Not all the tress had yet shed their leaves which gave me the opportunity to make this image. It’s been a strange season. Since then, we’ve had a warm spell that allowed me to go cycling and return to wearing a t-shirt and jeans. But now, the temperatures are more seasonal and our cars are scheduled to have their snow tires installed this week.

31 thoughts on “Snow on Maple Leaves

  1. Sandra

    Beautiful picture Chris! Your comment about winter tires made me realize that the snow season probably has it’s very own industry too. Good thinking on making preparations for what’s ahead. Stay safe!

    1. milfordstreet Post author

      Thank you, Sandra. It’s not fun to get caught unprepared when winter arrives. There is always lots to do. Yes, there are both goods and services to sell with winter. Lot’s of people have plows for their pickup trucks and make money plowing driveways or such.


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