Prentiss Bridge – Langdon, NH

This is the last bridge.  In this series, I’ve photographed the longest covered bridge in the country (the Cornish-Windsor Bridge) and the longest bridge entirely in our state (the Bath Bridge).  To end, I photographed the smallest bridge.  It wasn’t planned that way, it’s just the way it happened. 

The bridge is only 34 feet, six inches but what she lacks in size she more than makes up in beauty.

There has been a bridge at this location for a long time.  We don’t know when the first one was built but the second was built in December 1791.  That was during George Washington’s first term in office.  It gets it name from being built on land settled by John Prentiss.

The Cheshire Turnpike Company took over the bridge in 1805.  The turnpike was the route from Canada to Boston. In 1874, the town voted to raise $1,000 to replace the existing bridge with a covered bridge to be built by Albert S. Granger. The bridge was open to traffic until 1954 when it was bypassed.  Now it’s for pedestrian use only.  There is a nice little park area next to the bridge with the bench you see here. 

Tomorrow, I’ll share with you which of these bridges is my favorite. 

23 thoughts on “Prentiss Bridge – Langdon, NH

  1. China Dream

    short is good… I think this one is pretty, and inviting, the long ones where they were functional, this one has a different kind of charm. All good, wonderful series!

  2. Sandra

    I have that sadness I feel when I reach the end of a really good book because I know I’ll miss the characters. This was a fun series to follow. I adore this bridge so much! Thank you so much for bringing us all along Chris!


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