Veterans’ Day

I made this during the summer while rambling about taking bridge photos. I’d stopped for coffee and a muffin when this truck pulled in.

I liked the rugged quality of the truck and that it’s clearly a working vehicle, not just for show. The owner had shown an innovative, self-reliant quality by building up the back with some lumber. I liked that the owner wasn’t afraid to show his patriotism. The qualities I liked in this truck remind me of some of those who serve our country. We honor all who serve and have served today.

24 thoughts on “Veterans’ Day

  1. Sandra

    The black and white treatment works really well, Chris. Good choice! It’s a Dunkin Donuts morning here at our place too. My dad is a veteran. We will be sure to thank him today for his service. I hope you have a great day my friend! 🌞

  2. Lookoom

    I agree that all those who have done their duty with dignity when they would certainly have preferred to carry on another life deserve our respect and recognition.


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