38 thoughts on “Maple Hill Farm

      1. Kate Lester

        Have you ever taken the drive on Route 127 in Massachusetts from Beverly to Rockport? Such a scenic drive. Whenever someone comes to visit me for the first time, I always budget a 1/2 day or more for the Cape Ann Tour.

  1. loisajay

    This is so pretty, Chris. We had maybe 2-3 days where it was cold here–as in the A/C didn’t come on. Now we are back to the 80’s and the A/C won’t cut off. Our trees are mostly brown from the dead branches still hanging on from Hurricane Sally. What a weird year….

  2. Lookoom

    I agree the photo is really good, the leaves, the guiding lines of the path, the mill in wooden planks. Autumn goes too fast, especially if we have to reduce it to a few days of sunshine. There are only photos left.


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