Hand Prints on a Tree

There is a park next to one of the covered bridges I recently photographed. As I walked through it, I noticed this tree with a bare spot in the bark. Someone had artfully added a pair of handprints to the spot. What a cool idea!

35 thoughts on “Hand Prints on a Tree

      1. loisajay

        Oh my gosh. We have some sightings of black bears and the town goes nuts with instructions on how to bear-proof your trash cans. Looking at your guy, I don’t know if there is such a thing.

  1. Sandra

    Good find Chris! I wonder if there’s a story behind the colors they used. Very creative. Good thinking moving the trash into the barn. Bears! 🐻

    1. milfordstreet Post author

      Thank you. I’d like to know the story behind the handprints also. We’ve had the outside barn lights come on a couple of times since moving the trash in there. We put the game camera in that part of the yard to see if we can get any videos. I sill need to check it.

  2. Nancy

    How fun is this! Glad you found them to share with us.
    Just wondering who made these.
    We saw ruins of a building near an old gold mine. There were two handprints in the cement on the wall. One very large and one small. We always wonder of the story.
    Happy Weekend to to you Chris.


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