Forest After a Light Snow

The bridge project is done, which means that I’m seeking new material to photograph as the case rate of coronavirus climbs in New Hampshire and Massachusetts. I had Election Day off and explored Sheldrick Forest in Wilton, NH. I was surprised to find they had received a light coating of snow that morning.

I liked the top shot because of the vertical lines of the trees and the diagonal of the hillside in the background. Black and white photography really brings out the lines and shapes. I chose color processing for the image below. I like the different colors of the bark on the trees and the leaves in their fall color. I have some other images to share in future posts and really enjoyed the trails there. I’ll be back.

30 thoughts on “Forest After a Light Snow

  1. China Dream

    good morning, you and I were both in the woods, I love trees.. they stand solid and proud their history for all who bother to “see”.. have a great day, enjoy the sunshine and milder weather.

  2. loisajay

    I like all the little branches sticking straight out from the tree trunks. What kind of trees are they? B&W looks great, but that splash of yellow leaves is pretty, too.

  3. Ashley

    Chris, I love the B+W picture! Those vertical lines against the steep slope of the land. Brilliant. Any wolves about? I’ve just been reading about their re-introduction in Yellowstone as there is a possibility (unlikely) they could be introduced to some parts of the UK. Lynx are more likely! However, wolves were introduced into the Netherlands without problems!

  4. Sandra

    I love the symmetry and snow in the first shot and the color and textures in the last shot. Really super job with these Chris! I hope your work week is winding down nicely.

  5. Footprints

    Both photos are amazing! I look forward to seeing your next project. Your work always inspires me to learn new things to improve my own photos. I have so much to learn!

    1. milfordstreet Post author

      Thank you. I’m glad you like my work and find it inspiring. Photography is one of those things you can always keep learning new things and developing your craft.

  6. Tobias Mann

    I think every company should give their employees the day off to vote. Not just to participate in the democratic process, but also to escape from the anxiety that can sometimes surround theses days or in the case of this November the week.

    I may as well have had to day off for how little work actually got done. I would have much preferred escaping into the wilderness with a camera over frantically refreshing the NYTs.

    Best wishes and really enjoyed the bridge project!


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