Wright’s Bridge – Newport, NH

Wright’s Bridge stands just a mile from the last bridge featured here.  Like the other bridge, it is a covered railroad bridge that crosses the Sugar River. 

Getting to this bridge takes a bit of walking.  I parked at the intersection of the road and the multiuse trail and walked about a kilometer to reach the bridge.

I rode my bike on this multiuse trail several years ago.  Motorized vehicles are allowed on the trial and several times, groups of dirt bikes and ATVs passed me.  They were always respectful, and the lead rider always signaled the number of vehicles in his or her group so that I knew how many riders to expect. 

One thing that I appreciate about this bridge is that the abutments look authentic.  Often when the support structures need replacing or reworking, modern concrete is used.  When that happens, the abutments look out of place.  The people who maintained and restored this bridge went through the effort and expense to use a stone abutment. 

23 thoughts on “Wright’s Bridge – Newport, NH

    1. milfordstreet Post author

      They have. A few times, the state has wanted to put in a modern bridge and the people of the twon raise funds to afford a covered bridge. My understanding is that a covered bridge costs more and the citizens made up the difference in cost.

      1. milfordstreet Post author

        Good question. There is a resonance to it. The extent of it depens on how open the bridge is on the sides. Those with a lattice sides are very open and there is no difference. This bridge would have more resonance but not as much as a cave.

  1. Sandra

    The first picture looks like a beautiful painting Chris! The Sugar River sounds familiar. Maybe because there are other bridges that cross this river too? Great pictures! Thank you for sharing them friend!

  2. Footprints

    Very peaceful setting. I love hearing of the respect that took place between you and the other visitors. A truly wonderful example of sharing space in this beautiful world.


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