In the Barn Window II

Earlier this year, I showed the barn window from the outside. Here it isfrom inside and we’ve added a few elements.

The model plane was made by my father years ago. He was cleaning things out this summer and no longer wanted it. It narrowly missed going out with the junk hauler.

The miniature station wagon and van were souvenirs from California and Key West. They were in the house but we were cleaning up and decided it was time for them to relocate.

The ship was in the last image of the window. It came from a wooden kit model that my grandfather got in the 1960s. He never did much with it and gave it to me to build around 15 years ago. It’s the U.S. Coast Guard Cutter Eagle.

The item in the shape of a leaf is supposed to be a bird feeder. It was also in the previous image. The idea is that you put fruit in the center and the birds eat the fruit. It never quite worked out that way.

33 thoughts on “In the Barn Window II

  1. Sandra

    Almost a tribute to modes of transportation! I remember the other perspective you posted. I appreciate this view too. Looks like an inspiring place to work. Enjoy your Sunday friend! 🌞


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