Corbin Bridge – Newport, NH

Originally built in 1845, the bridge burned in a suspicious fire May 25, 1993. The town was described as being “devastated’ at the loss.  Covered bridges are not the most practical means to cross a river in the modern age and the town and state made plans to replace it with a modern bridge made from concrete and steel. 

The residents of Newport petitioned the town and state to replace the bridge with a wooden covered bridge, raising thousands of dollars to cover the difference in cost.  A little more than a year later, on Columbus Day weekend, the new bridge was pulled into place by a team of oxen.  I spent about an hour trying to locate a photo of the oxen pulling the bridge but was unsuccessful. I did however find this video of oxen pulling a different bridge into place.

This was the first bridge on my last covered bridges of New Hampshire outing.  There are only three photos of this bridge because other than the one image inside the bridge, I did not venture to walk around inside.  There was some moderate traffic, and it moves quickly through the bridge.  Self-preservation kicked in.

37 thoughts on “Corbin Bridge – Newport, NH

  1. China Dream

    your last photo.. I went back twice to look at.. it reminded me of the postcards i would see on the tourist racks in the “vacation” spots.
    Wise. stay safe..=^_^=

    1. milfordstreet Post author

      Hello there. Thank you. Sadly, postcards seem to be dying off in this part of the world. I finf it increasingly more difficult to find them in my travels. Everyone just sends a selfie. I still send postcards when I can find them. What about you?

  2. Sandra

    I’m with Kate. There’s a sadness in seeing this project wrap up but I’m certain your keen eye will bring new visions for us to enjoy. Glad to hear you prioritized your safety! This is a beautiful addition to the series. Have a great Saturday Chris!

  3. sloppy buddhist

    you’ll be able to make a coffee table book Chris…I learned in a workshop there is a reason for every photo you take…you’ve created a story….lovely and happy weekending ~ sending joy hedy ☺️💫💫

    1. milfordstreet Post author

      My sights are more modest. I hope to get a calendar out of these photos and am in the painful process of picking my faves. But thank you, Hedy Have a great weekend.

      1. sloppy buddhist

        Oh I know I’ve been into a project which required me to cull and then find my images 🤪😱 I’m learning a lot along the way l…happy weekending Chris ☺️

  4. Footprints

    I love the reflection in the water! I wanted to stop recently on a road trip to capture a photo of a sign with my daughter, but after a few minutes I changed my mind and decided the risk wasn’t worth it.


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