Covered Bridge Project Update

A hint at a future covered bridge.

Saturday, I finished photographing the last of the historic covered bridges listed in the State’s book. It was a long day that involved going to six covered bridges in three towns that were more spread out than usual. Five were ones that I had not previously photographed and one was a reshoot of my favorite bridge. (More on my favorite bridge in another post.) The last time I was in this area, I was in a t-shirt and shorts and kept my time in the sun short. On Saturday, I had on multiple layers and saw snow in some parts of the state at higher elevations.

I still need to finish editing and will show the final bridges over the next couple of weeks. I also plan to return to some of them in the future. There is at least one that I believe will be decorated with holiday lights in December. Early next spring, I plan to visit the ones in the Albany and Conway area where the rivers are filled with run off from the snow melting on the White Mountains.

34 thoughts on “Covered Bridge Project Update

  1. Lookoom

    Congratulations on completing the project, there are always so many reasons to give up. I am sure you have learned a lot, as evidenced by all the generous sharing you have done.

  2. Sandra

    What a beautiful shot! Looking forward to more colorful sights and stories. Congratulations on wrapping up this project! It’s been such a joy to follow along with your progress. Thank you Chris!

  3. Nancy

    We have certainly enjoyed your series… and with the fall foliage… they got better and better! This image with the bridge at the end is a wonderful capture!
    Thank you so much Chris… and bravo!


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