Coombs Bridge – Winchester, NH

Years ago, I took photos of most of the bridges in the southwestern corner of the state.  Somehow this bridge had missed my attention before. 

On a cold late September morning, I put on a winter jacket and gloves for the drive west.  This bridge is only about an hour from our house.  When I arrived the cold air was causing steam to come off the river and the leaves on the hill behind the river were just beginning to turn colors.

There was not a lot on the history of the bridge.  It was named after the original builder and owner, Anthony Coombs. It’s difficult today to think of someone owning a bridge.  The state history of these bridges said the bridge aided in the “social and commercial development of the area”. The historical record was written nearly thirty years ago and describes the bridge as needing major repairs and that there was talk of bypassing it.  From the looks of it, I tend to think that it had been repaired at some point in the past twenty-five years.

36 thoughts on “Coombs Bridge – Winchester, NH

  1. China Dream

    hmmm my first attempt didn’t work… was just saying.. you might be afflicted by the same “symptoms” I have.. that need to be out in the early morning hours driving to ? for the possibility that is just waiting…. I think we get used to that early morning “rush” that is almost like “calm”

  2. neihtn2012

    Your first photo promises even better ones when the conditions (lighting and colors) are better. Maybe you should go back and take more photos on a better day.

  3. Ashley

    Another interesting post! The first photo is lovely with the mist but I particularly like the second picture; the hard lines of the woodwork behind the stems of the plant (ivy?). When’s the exhibition? 😉

  4. loisajay

    I thought of you last night! PBS had a show about the changing leaves and showcased a road in NH–Kanga trail….something like that. It is about 35 miles of the most beautiful ‘change of season’ trees, with no signs, restaurants, gas stations, etc. Just unadulterated beauty. Do you know the trail I mean and is it nearby you?

    1. milfordstreet Post author

      The Kancamangus. I was up there in late August,. It is beautiful. I’ve never been up there in foliage season because it gets packed with tourists. It’s about 2 hours from us.

  5. Sandra

    Chris, these are all beautiful images! I can’t pick a favorite. I’m loving the light you captured. The ivy, the mist, the structure and the details of the design. Nicely done. Do you think you will be able to choose a favorite at the end of your series? Or would that be like trying to choose a favorite child? Maybe it can’t be done. I hope you’re doing well!

    1. milfordstreet Post author

      Thank you, Sadnra. I have some favorite images to go through and think I have a favorite but there are a few others that also stand out. We will have to see. Life is good here. I hope it’s the same there.

  6. Sarah

    The mist on the river lends your photo a nice magical touch, Chris!

    P.S. Did you get my email last week?I’m just asking because my internet is giving me trouble these days. Going to change my provider!

    1. milfordstreet Post author

      Thank you so much. It was a freezing morning but the cold air made for the beautiful mist. ONe of the bridges that I photographed thisyear is on private land. It’s in a campground. It is odd to think of. Thank you for the comment.


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