North Country Signs

I came away from my trip to New Hampshire’s Great North Woods with some photos of signs that I thought were worth sharing. The top one is no joke. Moose are huge and come out after sundown. You often don’t see them until you’re right on top of them. They are more dangerous to hit than deer because of their size and long skinny legs. If hit by a passengr car, they tend to fall on top of the hood and windshield. Bad news.

Up north, many commnites let ATV’s (all-terrain vehicles) use the public roads in town to get between their homes or lodging and ATV trails. ATV use is popular there and the area has tried to build it’s economy through ATV tourism.

This was next to a tiny fishing hole in a community in Pittsburg, NH. I assume that they stock the pond and let the little ones get a taste of angling.

25 thoughts on “North Country Signs

  1. Sandra

    I love the signage here today. High speeds and moose seem like a bad combo. Good to be on the look out! We took my daughter fishing a few years ago. It was so much fun. We need to do that again. Would be fun to visit this pond for kids with her. Happy Saturday Chris!

      1. Sandra

        Funny that moose are always depicted in storybooks and cartoons as warm docile creatures. I’ve never seen one before. You live in a place of wonder!

  2. Lookoom

    I agree that through road signs it is possible to get a snapshot of what makes a region, mooses, sheep, avalanches, floods. I illustrated one of my recent posts with the sign of a dog sled. This could be an interesting project.

    1. milfordstreet Post author

      There are some intersting signs that you encounter in different regions. We don’t typically see flash flood signs here but they are prevalent in other parts of the U.S.

  3. suzannesmom

    It would be scary to hit a moose, but I’ve always wanted to at least see a one. I drive slow anyway and have gotten pretty good at stopping for deer that run out and jump around like they don’t know what to do.


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