Presidential Range Rail-Trail

I first heard of this recreational trail in the White Mountains just a few months ago. The trail parallels the Presidential Range in the White Mountains. You don’t go up the mountains as much as by them. But you can see them in all their majesty. I did a nine mile section of the trail last weekend.

Autumn colors on this peak off in the distance.
At several points, hiking trails cross the trail. This is called the Presidential Range because several peaks are named for former US presidents.
There were still some wildflowers along the trail.
This old building was in the forest with trees growing inside it. There were no markings as to how old it was or what it was used for. From the number of broken bottles inside, I would guess that this is where the local youths come to party.
In several places, there were still old telegraph posts.

27 thoughts on “Presidential Range Rail-Trail

  1. Ashley

    Wonderful pictures! You seem to have had some lovely sunny weather, you make me envious, you are very lucky! I had hoped to be out today by the shore of Lough Neagh but it’s so grey and very very wet! Maybe tomorrow!

  2. Sandra

    What a great collection of photos! A wonderful trail to visit and you captured the beauty of the season perfectly. Thank you For this getaway Chris!


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