Locomotive Horn Addict

When I pulled off the road to take some pictures at a scenic vista a few weeks ago, there was a truck parked nearby that was customized with railroad paraphernalia and the rack of horns that you see above.

I said hello and asked if the horns were real or ornamental. He assured me they were real and were all different types of train horns. I had the pleasure of meeting the Locomotive Train Addict and his grandson. We chatted for a few minutes while they had a bit of breakfast. He gave me a card with the link to his YouTube channel.

You can check out one of his videos here.

32 thoughts on “Locomotive Horn Addict

      1. loisajay

        Off the beaten track is always the best place to be. After years of me telling that to my husband, he is now agreeable to get off the darn Interstate! 😀

  1. Footprints

    I love this interesting world! So happy you were able to meet him and share! It makes me wonder what words I would use if I were to describe myself followed with “addict”…Thanks Chris!

  2. Sandra

    Kind of him to shoot the video in the empty forest rather than blasting his neighbors. And what a beautiful forest! I wonder what the wildlife made of all that racket. I love meeting the people and seeing the sights out your way.

  3. Sarah

    Wow! The horns sound mighty impressive! Imagine wandering in the woods and unexpectedly hearing them! I’d probably think it was a herd of elephants! 😂


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