Honeymoon Bridge – Jackson, NH

This bridge is also known as the Jackson Covered Bridge.  The nickname “Honeymoon Bridge” comes from the tradition of lovers kissing under it for good luck according to an article in Wikipedia.

But did they kiss here 46 years ago?

The residents of Jackson began debate in 1873 on whether to build a new bridge (as opposed to repairing existing ones) and if so where to locate it.  A local dairy farmer and Civil War veteran Charles Austin Broughton and his son Frank were contracted to do the work.  This was back in the day when people with carpentry skills built bridges vs. hiring engineering firms. 

Mr. Broughton was a many of many skills though.  He had been a sergeant in the 18th Regiment of the New Hampshire Volunteers, Company E during the Civil War.  In addition to being a dairy farmer, has was reportedly “a finish carpenter, an avid fiddler, and a skillful bear hunter”.  For a time, he was also an agent for the Swift River Lumber Company.

According to Wikipedia, in 1899 the town of Jackson paid the Goodrich Falls Electric Company to illuminate the bridge.

27 thoughts on “Honeymoon Bridge – Jackson, NH

  1. Sandra

    A fiddler who enjoys bear hunting. You don’t find that on many bios these days. I love the details you include. Beautiful pictures Chris! What a great addition to your collection. Looking forward to the next one.

    1. milfordstreet Post author

      Thank you, Sandra. No, fiddling and bear hunting are not your typical on FB or LinkedIn profiles. But it would be a hoot to put that down, wouldn’t it. The next bridge is a beauty. Have a great evening.


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