Turkey Jim’s Bridge – Campton, NH

What makes this bridge unique is that it’s in a private campground.  To access it, I drove to the campground and stopped at the little gatehouse.  I explained to the woman that I just wanted to take photos of the bridge.  She was very nice.  She gave me a map and a tag for my car and off I went. 

The guide says the bridge is named after Jim Cummings, “whose property it served”.  Is this another case of a bridge built for a single person or family?  The farm where Jim lived was called Turkey Jim’s Turkey Farm.

In 1964, flood water washed  the bridge downstream.  I’m guessing that somehow it remained intact because the history says it “was retrieved and set back on its abutments”. It is now only used by pedestrians and snowmobiles. 

25 thoughts on “Turkey Jim’s Bridge – Campton, NH

    1. milfordstreet Post author

      Thank you, Arati. One thing that I like about this area is that I can be in the mountains or at the sea in 90 minutes. It’s an interesting place. I hope I can show you around one day.

  1. Lookoom

    It seems that behind most covered bridges there is a personal history or at least a small community, all long before administrations took control of our collective life. I am not criticising the administrations, I just want to point out the change in the organisation of our society.

  2. Sandra

    Beautiful views Chris! I’m glad the ranger was helpful and allowed you entry. I like the open construction of this one. What a pretty day it was! Take good care


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