27 thoughts on “Fence at Sunrise

      1. aratibanstola

        The cases are increasing day by day and is now being out of control. For some days, we are under lockdown and then again, we are open. But as cases increase even more, we are again under lockdown. To be honest, nothing has changed for some families and they are being able to spend more time at home. But for others, esp. Laborers, it’s more than tough for them to live and survive, due to which many are being victims of suicide. And those who are away from home, and living in a different city, I can’t imagine what they must have been going through (Thank God, long distance public transport are now resumed from yesterday). We have currently 59,573 confirmed cases and 383 death counts, which isn’t a small number for the small population like ours. If the cases increase like this, the country like ours won’t be able to handle the situation; those who would have been saved and survived will die due to lack of ventilators and health professionals and many such reasons.

      2. milfordstreet Post author

        It sounds difficult there but then I also think it is like this in many places. It’s difficult and stressful when lockdowns start and stop. I pray for those who work in health care and must deal with all of this. Thank you for the information and take care.

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