A Pair of Panoramas

A panorama made with my Canon camera mounted on a tripod and stitched together using Lightroom.

Last week, I went up to the White Mountains to get pictures of two covered bridges. While scouting the location using Google Maps, I saw a scenic overlook along the road in Intervale, NH. I made a point to pull in and the light was beautiful. A standard photo was not going to capture the view. Recently, I’ve made all of my panoramas using my iPhone XR but the car was literally right next to me with the tripod in the backseat. I set up the tripod and took a series of images, carefully overlapping them. This allows the editing software that I use could “stitch” them together. That is the top image.

For the sake of comparison, I also made a panoramic image using the iPhone. That is the image below.

What do think?

A panorama made using an iPhone XR and edited using the PS (Photoshop) Express app.

43 thoughts on “A Pair of Panoramas

  1. China Dream

    the top photo has the “look” of picture perfect however the bottom one, was… wow, you were at a really good vantage point.. The shadow is like a porcelain bowl for the greens.

  2. Sandra

    Thank you for this comparison. You can really see the difference. The Canon demonstrating why it’s a trusted name in photography in competent hands. Beautiful scene Chris! Take good care.

  3. Vanya Rajwar

    I love the first picture. It’s quite clear. I have always preferred the camera over any phone.
    The image quality is always better on a camera. I don’t leave without my Sony alpha anywhere because if I have to capture I would rather capture a sharp, raw picture and then adjust gradients rather than use the phone pictures which pixelate more often than not.

      1. Vanya Rajwar

        People say phones have become the substitute to cameras but I am doubtful they can ever take the place of the cameras.
        Hey the cameras have just one function they were made to take shots and thaats that, unlike phones which have to cater to many other activities.

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