The Brick Store – Bath, NH

So for those of you who are wondering…this is not a place to buy bricks; the store is made from bricks. And what a store it is. Think of the old general stores of yesteryear. If you look closely, you can even see the rockers on the front porch.

Aren’t these old clocks great. I think the town was established in 1765 and the store was built in 1824.

There was a smokehouse in the alleyway between the store and the next building. The operator had just opened the doors when I walked by. Unfortunately, he didn’t have much hanging in their at the time.

Isn’t this beautiful and check out the price. I could fill up my car for $2.00 instead of $20.

What would a general store be without candy and fudge. They also had some homemade donuts that were pretty awesome. Put Bath on your list of day trips if you spend time in the Granite State.

33 thoughts on “The Brick Store – Bath, NH

    1. milfordstreet Post author

      Bath has a small downtown. The Brick Store is a very cool place. It’s fun to explore the bridge which is right next to it. There are also two other covered bridges in town. It would be a nice drive over the western section of Rt 112 through the national forest.

      Were you the person who told me about Beaver Brook Falls? I finally saw it yesterday though with the drought, it was down to a trickle. Perhaps, I’ll return next spring.

  1. Prior...

    Lovely glimpse into yesteryear! The Mobilgas logo was also cool
    And love how you were able to grab some smoke all fresh in the alley like that. Had an active energy to it-
    And regarding the bricks – when we first moved to Virginia – my husband’s friend came to visit from San Jose CA and he said he wanted to see All the brick houses on the east coast…. your brick store in NH reminded me of him-
    He would love it

  2. loisajay

    What a great memory that Mobilgas pump is….the days when the attendant would pump your gas, check your oil, and clean your windshield. Now I have to walk into the Tom Thumb store to ask for a receipt because ‘receipt failed’ for the hundredth time! Great photos, Chris.

  3. Lookoom

    These images from the past are always nice to see, I am only worried about the economic viability of clinging to old practices and very grateful to those who have the courage to do so.


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