The Starting Line

This is the starting line for the Falmouth Road Race, a seven mile running event that is one of the highlights of the summer season in town. It looks a bit dingy because it was not repainted this year. Like so many things, the 2020 race was cancelled. In processing, I removed the color from everything except the starting line creating an interesting effect.

27 thoughts on “The Starting Line

  1. photobyjohnbo

    Accenting a color, or a colorful object while removing the color from the rest of the image is one of my favorite tweaks. I don’t do it often because it takes a unique subject as in your example to pull it off well. Nice job!

  2. Nancy

    An interesting effect indeed! I agree with the others… truly a statement! Nicely done Chris.
    Hope you did not labor on Labor Day! Take care my friend…


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