Road Trippin’ – White Mountain National Forest

The morning was a mix of laight and shadow, and fog and clear skies.

Last week on my way to make some images of covered bridges, I drove through White Mountain National Forest. The famed Kancamagus Highway runs east on Route 112 from Lincoln to Conway. This stretch is west of Lincoln towards the Vermont border. It was my first time along this stretch of road. These are some of the things I found along the way.

A marker for an upcoming campground. Some people do still use tents, right?
At one of the trailheads, there was information about the trail and postings about various regulations and such.
Where shall we go?
This was on the river I was paralleling. I believe it controls flow into a small dam, but to get there you have to cross the bridge.
This old iron bridge is technically outside the park at the end of Route 112. It’s closed now and there is a modern bridge to replace it.

32 thoughts on “Road Trippin’ – White Mountain National Forest

  1. China Dream

    I’ve done that drive, glad you got to get out and take some pictures.. you should see this stretch in the fall…. have a good start to your Sunday!…..sends a happy smile your way.

  2. Liz Gauffreau

    Great photos! I particuarly like that last one, evocative of a bygone era. My husband and I drove through the White Mountain National Forest on Saturday on our way to the Northeast Kingdom in Vermont. The beauty of those mountains never palls.


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