Whittier Bridge – Ossipee, NH

I turned onto the road where this bridge was located and had trouble reconciling what I was seeing.  There was the bridge but instead of being over the river, it had been slid off onto the road next to the river and placed on pilings.

There have been bridges at this location on the river since 1791.  It required regular repairs and was replaced in 1820 by Wentworth Lord at a cost of $133.  (What does $133 buy today? – Not a lot)  The low cost is partly attributable to Lord’s use of lumber leftover from the old bridge as much as possible.  It was rebuilt again in 1849 by John Brown for $234. The current bridge was built during the 1870s by Jacob Berry.

A major restoration began in November 1982 by Milton Graton and Sons at a cost of $85,000. This family owned company specializes in restoring covered bridge and has had numerous articles written about them.  You can find one with excellent pictures here.  Pictures of moving the bridge off of the river can be found here

17 thoughts on “Whittier Bridge – Ossipee, NH

    1. milfordstreet Post author

      Those photos were taken a long time ago, so it’s been there a while. I imagine there is the intent to return it to the river but I’m not sure why it hasn’t been done.

  1. Sandra

    What an unusual find! I’m glad that they are hanging onto it. I wonder if they will ever place it over the river again. Cool construction. These are great photos. I like seeing the green of the mountain in the background. Thanks Chris!


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