Quaker Meeting House – Sandwich, NH

I was photographing a covered bridge in Sandwich, NH and saw a sign for a Quaker Meeting House. Always curious, I followed the signs. This Quaker (or Friend’s) Meeting House was built in 1881.

23 thoughts on “Quaker Meeting House – Sandwich, NH

      1. Liz Gauffreau

        No, I haven’t. I once attended an evangelical service where people spoke in tongues. It was a church camp field trip. It was actually kind of upsetting for a young kid.

  1. photobyjohnbo

    It’s always fun to find something historic or unusual as we wander through our photographic lives. Great discovery. I’m sure the walls have some fascinating stories to tell.

  2. Sandra

    This is such a beautiful building! I struggle sometimes to compose buildings like this in the frame without cutting something off. You did a great job! I love the town’s name! I hope you’re doing well, Chris!

    1. milfordstreet Post author

      Thank you, Sandra. It can be a challenge to get all of a building in. Sometimes, you have to crop something out. It’s a good day…I finally got what I hope is a decent Blue Heron photo. I hope all is well there.

      1. Sandra

        Oh yay!!! 👏I hope to see your encounter with the blue heron! I love those birds. Doing well here, thanks Chris. I hope you are too.

      2. milfordstreet Post author

        All is good. I’m at my parents home and have to wait until I’m back in NH to edit the photo of the heron. There were some cranes there yesterday, but i didn’t have my camera. I may take a ride down after dinner.

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