Road Trippin’ – Quissett Harbor

My neice and I were walking along the beach on the far side of the harbor and saw these five sail boats all lined up like this.

I’ve been spending some time at my parents house to help them with a few things. They live on a cove on Cape Cod. That’s about two and a half hours from home and for me this counts as a road trip. Last year, I discovered this little harbor full of wooden boats and sailing craft. I like it because it’s different from other harbors. My niece and I went there early one morning. While the day was a bit cloudy, we still made some nice photos.

Some buoys hanging outside the harbormaster’s shack.
This was one of several cairns we found across the harbor.
A large collection of dinghy’s ready for service.
The Quissett Harbor Boatyard. The cradle rides on these tracks to bring boats out of the water for repair work.
This is 180 degrees from the image above. I like how the tracks the tracks slowly go down into the water.

29 thoughts on “Road Trippin’ – Quissett Harbor

  1. Sandra

    These are all beautiful! The dinghy shot is so colorful and something about the haphazard scatter of them is appealing. You have a great eye Chris!

    1. milfordstreet Post author

      Thank you, Sandra. You know, I wish I could have gotten higher to get in more of it. But shy of climbing on the harbor masters’s shack of acquiring a drone, that wasn’t going to happen.

  2. Sarah

    Glad you had a good photography day with your niece, Chris! You’d have to do some dingy hopping if yours happened to be the last one docking in. 😂


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